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Part Lab Technician, Part Dental Specialist

Dr. Buie started Buie Clinic knowing that he wanted to provide extra service for his patients in the way of being his own laboratory. Why does this make a difference to you? 

Faster turnaround time between appointments, better communication for color matching and esthetic desires, as well as a truly custom and specialized treatment outcome! 

Furthermore, staying current with the latest high end techniques on a laboratory side helps Dr. Buie to maintain cutting edge expertise as a clinician. He tells people that he's an 'applied biomaterials scientist', which is quite accurate! 

Lab Photo.jpg
Fixed and Removable under one roof

Dr. Buie has all lab equipment needed to produce high end fixed and removable prosthetics. From CAD/CAM software to design restorations, a porcelain oven to fire tints and color corrections, to a denture processing unit with a high degree of accuracy, we have it all! 

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