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Temporomandibular Joint Disease (TMD)

TMD can be difficult to diagnose or treat. Dr. Buie's background in treating conditions of the jaw with non-surgical methods will usually help patients, either to alleviate pain long enough to perform advanced therapy, or to completely resolve assosicated joint disorders. 

One of the first diagnostic therapies used to treat the presence of TMD after imaging is an orthotic device. Dr. Buie takes intraoral scans with a 3D video camera to design and 3-D print with a special resin an orthotic device for patients.

This is much faster and more efficient, and usually means that a patient can get back to normal life faster. If you are experiencing issues related to your jaw joint, call us today and we can help you. 


Printed Orthotics

Printed orthotics are very durable, faster to produce, and more comfortable and better fitting for patients. Dr. Buie designs all orthotics himself to get the best result possible.


TMD Therapy

Usually we start with an orthotic, but if further treatment is necessary, a device like this can rule in or rule out the presence of other disease processes. 

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