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Restorative Dentistry

When you lose teeth or parts of teeth due to disease, cavities, gum disease, trauma, or by other means, you need a prosthodontist for restorative dentistry. Whether you need crowns, veneers, bridges, or implants and their associated restorations, we can help you accomplish what you're looking for in a timely manner utilizing the latest technology and materials. 


Simple & Elegant

Dramatic results without any surgeries

If you still have teeth, you may benefit like this long term grinding patient did. No surgeries or implants were required for this transformation, just a few longer appointments, a week or two for Dr. Buie to make the restorations, and a final appointment to insert the dental crowns. Simple solution to complex problems, made possible with our expertise and experience. Let us guide you to a result that speaks for itself. 

A new lease on life

This patient was told his teeth were so bad that he needed  a denture. Sound familiar? We've helped so many people like this that have nowhere else to turn keep their own teeth and restore what's been damaged. 

We make it our goal to ensure that you get the full range of treatment options, and we treat everyone like they are family.


Couldn't Stop Smiling

Regain the ability to bite, chew, and smile

This patient who was a huge success story came to their consultation appointment in tears. Their previous two dentists had told them she needed all her teeth out and she was looking for hope- hope that she found with us. With our skill, this patient was able to benefit from keeping her own teeth and literally could not stop smiling after the final appointment. Please don't commit to removing all your teeth until all options are exhausted!


Conservative Treatment

Ask questions before agreeing to more than what you think you need!

This patient was told they needed multiple teeth taken out, and when they came to the consultation with Dr. Buie she was confused when she was told that was totally unnecessary. Many people have the same story: oftentimes being told something that may be good for the bottom line but not the best for them. At Buie Clinic, we tell you exactly what's best for you. That may involve different options, but we believe that patients have a right to know what's best for them.

After only treating one tooth, the patient was happy and her result turned out great. 

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