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Insurance and Finance

Don't let finances get in the way of the treatment you need. At Buie Clinic, we know that high quality dental care can be expensive, especially when performed by a high level specialist. Fortunately, we have systems in place to minimize the impact to you, and to help make specialist care affordable.

Insurance Policy

Many times, in network providers are forced to make compromises to quality and patient care, due to economic hardships forced by accepting a low fee schedule. 

We are proudly out of network with all insurance companies, in order to provide a high level of quality to our patients, many of whom travel from out of town or even out of state to see us. 

Being out of network does not mean we do not take your insurance! 

As long as you have OON benefits, we can file for you as a courtesy for reimbursement. It's that simple. Leave it to our team to file for you, and although insurance doesn't pay for many procedures, if they do, we will fight for you. 


Finance Policy

Use this section as a way to familiarize yourself with our finance policies. If we choose to enter into a treatment relationship with you or your family, there are three great and simple ways to pay for the treatment you deserve. 

  • ​Half and Half: pay half to start treatment, and half to finish treatment

  • Half and Payment Plan: pay half to start and finance the rest on Care Credit

  • Thirds: In special situations, we allow a third-third-third payment option to help with initial fees

Fine Print Here!

Well, kind of... here we've compiled helpful information on how our clinic works, nuts and bolts, so to speak. Our fees at Buie Clinic rival what you would pay at a general/regular dentist's office. We do not upcharge or nickel and dime for many of our services, and often times make 'packages' depending on patient needs, that greatly simplifies giving patients treatment estimates. 

For longer procedures, we require a down payment or half/half to be paid before scheduling the initial treatment appointment, whether that be surgery or a preparation appointment. If an anesthesiologist is present, we will reserve some of your down payment as a non-refundable deposit to reserve the time. If you no-show an anesthesiologist appointment, a fee will be assessed to offset the lost time that we could have been serving patients. Our clinical team works exceptionally hard, and will bring you an efficient treatment process, but you will need to be present for appointments, or your overall treatment progress may be delayed. 

Please feel free to ask us for any other pertinent information regarding insurance or financing- we are here to help you! We look forward to welcoming you into the patient family, and will make your dental experience as worry-free and easy as possible. 

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