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Smile Makeover

If you don't like the way your teeth look, this is for you. You're looking for someone who is a trained specialist who can help you achieve what you're looking for, for a good value. At Buie Clinic, we can help you minimize anxiety, frustration, and fears that come along with a smile makeover process a traditional dental office. Our state of the art systems, workflows, and in house laboratory mean that you'll be happier, back up and running sooner, and will not pay exorbitant fees normally associated with this process. Check below for satisfied patients and let the results speak for themselves. 


This patient benefitted greatly from veneers, a less invasive way to create an esthetic result without grinding teeth down all the way. If you suffer from tetracycline, fluoride, or deep tooth stains, this is usually an excellent choice in a highly durable material, zirconia, that allows total control of color and form.


Single Arch Rehab

Worn teeth that were ugly and hurting. Sound familiar? This patient benefitted from Buie Clinic specialty care, and was finished within six weeks, and travelled hours to Midlothian just for his treatment. 

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