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Do you think you might benefit from dental implants? If you are missing teeth, have no teeth, or have teeth in poor health, dental implants will significantly improve your quality of life and restore your ability to function and smile. Check out these great stories below to see how you can benefit from this life altering service that we provide at the specialist level. Remember, not all implants are the same; trust your smile to a prosthodontist for best results

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Bill's Story

Implant Bridge to replace a failing tooth bridge

This patient came in with an old metal based bridge that had been in service for a long time due to congenitally missing teeth. 

After discussing options, it was decided that dental implants would be the best option for this patient, and two dental implants were placed to support six teeth in the lower front. This process only involved one surgery and took around 4 months, with most of the time spent healing.

The final bridge was made with an ultra-strong ceramic called zirconia, which is metal-free and is the most common biomaterial that we use for long lasting results. We can use an intraoral scanner to more accurately take impressions, with no mess. 


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a prosthetic root, used for anchorage. Many different treatments and therapies can be applied on top of these anchors. If you are missing a single tooth, for example, we can place a dental implant with or without a bone graft in order to replace that single tooth. 

Missing more than one tooth in a row? Easy- place two or three dental implants (depending on how many teeth are lost) and make an implant bridge; in most situations you can benefit from many multiple teeth on just a few implants. 

What if you are missing all of your teeth, or will soon? Don't be scared- we have helped so many patients make the transition into implant supported or retained prosthetics; snap on dentures on two to four implants, or full permanent bridges on four to six implants. Even situations involving cancer reconstruction; if you need it, Dr. Buie can help you get there.

Continue scrolling to see more situations where dental implants have improved lives, and head over to our contact us page to send us a message. 




All-On-X is possible for you!

If you are looking for the best place for All-on-X, look no further. Transitioning from a failing dentition to a permanent solution doesn't have to be as stressful as what many patients are used to. With our expertise and training, we can make the journey as easy and comfortable as possible. 

One huge advantage of Buie Clinic, besides the fact that Dr. Buie makes his implant prosthetics himself, is that we do not upcharge for a ceramic bridge after the healing phase, which is common elsewhere. We use the most durable, longest lasting materials with the smartest and best techniques to ensure that your new smile is perfect for years to come. 


Randy's Story

Sports trauma years in the past, still not too late for dental implants

After being told by many dentists over the years that he didn't have enough bone for implants, Randy came to the clinic because of his missing smile and confidence. 

We have what others may lack- technology and training to properly diagnose bone levels to tell definitively what is and isn't possible. 

Within a few short months, Randy got his smile back and the confidence that he has been missing for years. 

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