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Implant Dentistry

Dental implants have made probably the biggest impact on dental health since the invention of the porcelain dental crown in the mid-1900's. Learn more about how dental implants can be used in smart and low stress ways to improve your health and function on our dedicated implant dentistry page. 

Restorative Dentistry

The majority of specialty level work that we do at Buie Clinic is restorative dentistry. From tiny inlays to full mouth fixed bridges, Dr. Buie can help guide you to make the best decision for yourself as to what you need, without fluff and the fear of the unknown. Check out our dedicated page to see beautiful before and afters and more information


Dentures &


If you have a denture, or have had several sets, you know that not all removable prosthetics are the same. Avoid problems by seeing a specialist who makes all of his own removable prosthetics by hand. If you are looking for an exceptionally fitting upper or lower denture, or a full set, you need to see Dr. Buie. 


Smile Makeover

A Prosthodontist is the closest to a cosmetic dentistry specialist that you can find. If you are looking for a smile makeover, look no further. Using the highest level of finess and technology, we can transform ugly and discolored teeth into a brand new look that will last. Learn more on our Smile makeover page to see stunning results from other patients. 


Full Mouth Rehab

Years of problems can be fixed in a matter of weeks or months at Buie Clinic. When a full mouth rehabilitation (FMR) is required or indicated, you won't want just anyone to guide you through the process. Dr. Buie personally controls each phase of treatment, maximizing efficiency and getting the result you deserve without headaches that come with traditional 'patchwork' dental care.


TMD and Joint

Problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can be extremely frustrating and painful, and issues are hard to diagnose and treat. Luckily, we do have advanced training to help you, and most problems are self limiting, but need attention before they can be fully resolved. 

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Dental Lab

Dr. Buie received advanced training in dental restoration fabrication, in fixed and removable prosthetics. What does this mean for you? Lower costs for one. More efficiency as well, as Dr. Buie doesn't have to 'wait two to three weeks for the lab"; he is the lab. Less communication errors mean that you get exactly what you're looking for esthetically out of your treatment. 

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